Recycle Service Himawari

We are a small second-hand commodities shop with Nostalgic Atmosphere, located in Kyoto. At our heart we value chance encounters, connections, and smiles that we gain through recycling service and retail of various goods. Phone: 075-411-8528, Hours of Operation: 10:30am to 7pm


To the customer who is in need of an item from an owner who has grown fond of it but had to be let go for various reasons, we are happy to be the intermediary that help pass on the fondness. (♥´∀`♥)
Items that can be sold
We are striving to support as many types of products as we can, so please inquire for more information.
Electric appliances
In general, we will buy back items that are less than five years old from the year of manufacture. We may accept items that are older than five years upon consultation, so please inquire for more information.
Large items such as furniture
If you are unable to bring the items to our store due to size or quantity, we can come pick them up. We can also come and provide free estimate, so please inquire.
Disposing of unwanted goods
If you are having difficulties disposing of unwanted goods, please contact us. Please rest assured that we will try our best to find the next owner who is in need of the goods.